@revenant this spigoNFT has sold for $28000 the multicolored glasses style are 0.1% rarity

@murdock nope! i think i found how to clear the media but it still left a ton of disk usage

@directhex @fraggle i wrote a little bit about the tech details on my website if you want to read more! d8d.org/professional/doom-clas if you poke around the installed files on the PC you'll find a file named DoomLib.dll, this is the entirety of our modified doom engine, inside a single DLL file!

Google Chrome 

my very low traffic mastodon instance is taking up 15gb of my 30gb VPS. i should probably figure out how to resolve that.

despite everything else going on in the world, working from home for the 9th week now has still not gotten old for me

@fraggle yea, i remember seeing that shape of card in his videos, but i don't think i realized they were clones.

sound works great though, however the main problem i'm having is whatever crappy S3 video card in here apparently doesn't support VGA/EGA scrolling registers right, as commander keen, if not many apogee games are really buggy when scrolling the screen horizontally. just means i need one more computer/laptop for DOS era games!

@fraggle ESS SOLO-1 based on the phils computer lab videos. it seems to be one of the only ones with high DOS compatibility that haven't reached retro computing gouging prices yet

Thin client retro PC is going pretty well! Waiting on sound card and IDE cable so i can put the case back on and have sound in DOS games. Pretty decent way to get into this era of gaming without needing a big expensive box, and new old stock at that.

@obw come to alt.games.doom, we got:

- people in 2018 bumping threads from 1995
- that's about it

@ky0ko haha mastodon came up in a conversation today so i logged into check and followed back everyone i saw. i'd like to use it more but the few people i have found have already died out using it

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