@MrNuclearMonster do you get any invites for actually posting? curious about it, seems more like a tumblr

all this talk of “iPads” but how come no one these days will ever say “iPray”

@sarajack its springtime here which means all the tiny beetles and gross bugs make their way indoors to die on my floor for my cats to fuck around with

geminispace is pretty cool. browsing around it reminds me of the old internet. complete with cranks and strange personalities who begrudge having to spend hours over days instead of paying a travel agency to book a hotel. one of the larger clients, lagrange, is maintained by the same person as the (infamous?) doomsday engine.

it'd be cool to do something with it, but considering it's mostly text based and i have nothing interesting to write about, welp!


in a retraction to my previous Toot, we are no longer back, babyyy

@jeffgerstmann probably not without doing something custom unfortunately! you can definitely get some of that stuff with drupal if you really dig into it, but drupal can be unnecessarily daunting to dive into their data modeling stuff.

11 toots in the past 24 hours on my personal tl hell yea we're back babyyy

@revenant the great nation of goodass.dog will never go down (because i am the only person using it)

making sure my mastodon instance still works in case of elon musk emergency

welp time to spin up the goodass.dog revolt to go along with the goodass.dog mastodon

@revenant this spigoNFT has sold for $28000 the multicolored glasses style are 0.1% rarity

@murdock nope! i think i found how to clear the media but it still left a ton of disk usage

@directhex @fraggle i wrote a little bit about the tech details on my website if you want to read more! d8d.org/professional/doom-clas if you poke around the installed files on the PC you'll find a file named DoomLib.dll, this is the entirety of our modified doom engine, inside a single DLL file!

Google Chrome 

my very low traffic mastodon instance is taking up 15gb of my 30gb VPS. i should probably figure out how to resolve that.

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