Thin client retro PC is going pretty well! Waiting on sound card and IDE cable so i can put the case back on and have sound in DOS games. Pretty decent way to get into this era of gaming without needing a big expensive box, and new old stock at that.

@sponge what sound card did you pick up, out of curiosity?

@fraggle ESS SOLO-1 based on the phils computer lab videos. it seems to be one of the only ones with high DOS compatibility that haven't reached retro computing gouging prices yet

@sponge checking now it looks like it's actually possible to pick up brand new chinese-made ones on ebay for only $5 including shipping. bit surprised to see

@sponge there are also many different CMI8738-based ones which as I recall also have legacy soundblaster compatibility but as I recall the OPL implementation in those chips is incomplete/janky

@fraggle yea, i remember seeing that shape of card in his videos, but i don't think i realized they were clones.

sound works great though, however the main problem i'm having is whatever crappy S3 video card in here apparently doesn't support VGA/EGA scrolling registers right, as commander keen, if not many apogee games are really buggy when scrolling the screen horizontally. just means i need one more computer/laptop for DOS era games!

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